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According to the production of oxygen-free copper pipe characteristics and the processes of oxygen-free copper quality standards, analysis of the melting, casting, extrusion, drawing and annealing process changes of oxygen, made oxygen-free copper rod production of various tube part of the key measures to control the oxygen content and processing of special attention.


Oxygen-free copper pipe extrusion ingot casting process annealing melting temperature of the oxygen content determination of oxygen content measured oxygen production process control of electric vacuum devices


Introduction oxygen-free copper (usually oxygen in copper below 20 × 10-6), because of its good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, is widely used in electronics, electrical, electronic component production and manufacturing. Electric vacuum high-frequency emission control devices, crossing the tube, the magnetron, vacuum tubes, etc., have to use oxygen-free copper materials . As the electronic vacuum devices during the manufacturing process must be enclosed in hydrogen.